Breuss Juice Testimonials

“To be on the conservative side, I estimate that up to 40,000 patients who had cancer or other seemingly incurable diseases regained their health.” Rudolf Breuss

Give Me Life’s clients keep reporting huge successes with the Rudolf Breuss Cancer Juice. The patients illustrated in this section are a small fraction of those successfully treated with the Breuss Cancer Treatment. What each of these people have in common is that they are all breaking free of their diseases and discovered a better way to live. For them, the Breuss Treatment was the beginning of a journey full of lifestyle changes which, in the long run, result in good long-term health.

Breuss Video Testimonial

Check out this video testimonial from a cancer survivor:

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Prostate Cancer & High Cholesterol

February 2012 Our journey so far … A good friend of mine has experience with and knowledge of the Breuss Treatment from his days in healthcare in Germany. As recent PSA testing indicated that he may have been heading for prostate problems, he decided to do the Breuss […]

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Kidney Cancer

September 2011 My Journey… In early May 2011, doctors discovered a tumor on my kidney. I had previously known of the Breuss Cure (my wife did a three week cleansing cure some years earlier) and I decided to give that a go instead of surgery which the […]

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Lung & Aorta Cancer – 10 Years+ Survival

October 2011 My journey back to good health started on 17th May 2001, when I was diagnosed with an extremely aggressive form of lung cancer. Some seven years earlier I had been involved in a serious car accident resulting in a severely crushed pelvis and liver. I […]

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Familial Adenomatous Polyposis

October 2011  I suffer from non hereditary, non curable “Familial Adenomatous Polyposis” (F.A.P), that leads to Colorectal cancer by the age of 39. I decided to try the Breuss treatment to see if it would shrink my polyps and help relieve the severe side effects of this […]

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T-Cell Lymphoma

11th August 2009 TO THE “GIVE ME LIFE TEAM” May I say a very heartfelt and sincere thank you for all the advice, support and encouragement that you have given me during my 42 day Breuss fast!  With all your backing; that of my family and friends; […]

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Stomach & Intestinal Cancer

August 19, 1975 Twenty-five years ago I was diagnosed with cancer of the stomach and intestines. I was supposed to have surgery but could not make up my mind. Then I had a chance meeting with a gentleman from Bludenz, Mr. Breuss, who was visiting a cancer […]

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Kidney & Lung Cancer Cured by Breuss After Radiation Fails

January 23, 1973 On February 12, 1970, my family doctor sent me to a university hospital. They carried out tests and the results showed that I had a tumor on my left kidney. Once this was found, they carried out further procedures to find the exact position […]

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Intestinal Cancer – Complete Recovery

December 1, 1971 On July 28, 1964, I was taken into hospital because it was thought I had an obstructed intestine. After a thorough examination the consulting physician diagnosed intestinal cancer. It was suggested that I would have to undergo an operation and have a colostomy. A […]

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Hodgkin’s Disease – Given Up On by Mainstream Medicine

February 27, 1977 Dear Mr. Breuss, You will probably remember that at the beginning of January 1977, my husband and I travelled from Lucerne (Switzerland) to consult with you. At that time I had suffered from Hodgkin’s disease for more than eight years and doctors had finally […]

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